Best Hair Stylers For Professional Use

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What is a hair-styler?

Hair styler is a tool/device/gadget that is used for styling up one's hair. For example hair curlers, hair straightener, hair curling wands, or as simple as a hair clipper can also be called a hair styler for that matter.

As of today, there are a plethora of hair stylers that are available in the Indian market. Everyone, be it the men or women, wants to live stylishly and to flaunt their style quotient. So hair stylers have become more like a necessity in the present times. Also, hair styler has become a unisex device, as it is being used by both the sexes. But interestingly, in the present times,  hair stylers are more often used by men than women. As men have become more conscious about their overall look and style quotient. As a result, mens hair styler have higher demand than that of women's in today’s beauty and grooming market. There are different hair-stylers available in the market. That makes it quite difficult to choose the best hair styler out of those. 

After getting to know what hair stylers are, let us now discuss the various types of hair styler that are available in  the market. There are hair styler for short hair, and hair styler for long hair. As there are different styling needs of these two hair types. 

Different types of hair stylers

There are numerous tools that come under the category of hair stylers. Few of them are: Hair Curlers, Hair Straighteners, Hair Clippers, Electric Hair comb, Hair Curling wands and the Hair Curling iron. If we talk about the best hair styler, then it becomes quite difficult for us to decide which one to choose from this long list.  Now let us briefly understand each one of them and their functionality so we can choose the best one as per our requirement.

  1. Hair Curlers - A hair curler also known as hair roller is a small tool that is rolled into a person's hair in order to curl it and give a new hairstyle. There are different types of curly hair styles which can be achieved with the help of hair curlers depending on the capacity of the tools and skill set one has. The diameter of a hair curler varies between 0.8 inches (20mm) - 1.5 inches (38mm). Depending on the design of the m/c, the curler can be heated in an electric chamber or by plugging it into electric mains before one can use it for hair curling. There are special purpose hair curlers available in the market for specific types of curling needs of the modern women of today, that are known as the curling wands and curling irons. VGR offers a range of hair curlers like VGR V-583 which is an automatic hair curler that gives your hair desired curls with minimal effort. VGR V-531 which is a hair volumizing & crimper iron that helps in achieving flawless salon-like hair at home.  VGR V-595 which is a hair curler iron for women, having three-barrel curling wands, and can produce thick, natural ‘Waves in the hair.  VGR V-596 is a hair curling wand for women, specially designed for hair curling and styling, and finally VGR V-597 is a curling iron for women, having five-barrel curling wands, makes the hair more beautiful.


2.Hair Straighteners-  A hair straightener is a device or a gadget which temporarily straightens the hair by applying heat to the hair shaft. The straightener is guided from the scalp to the ends of the hair in order to straighten the hair. It  gives one’s  hair a sleek, frizz-free, and detangled finish. VGR offers a range of hair straighteners like VGR V-506 which is a hair straightener having a ceramic coated metal body that can style your hair in under a minute with great ease.  VGR V- 522 is a hair straightener for women , which gives you quick straight hair without causing much damage.  VGR V-550 is a hair straightener for women , which gives your hair a glossy, glistering makeover to go from dull and uninteresting to stylish in a few minutes' time. VGR V-566 is a hair straightener that straightens the hair by applying heat to the hair shaft. The straightener is guided from the scalp to the ends of the hair in order to straighten the hair. VGR V-580 is a hair straightener for both the sexes. It gives a perfect straightening of hairs, and it also comes with 5 different temperature settings that can be selected as per the use,  and finally VGR V- 587 which is a unisex professional hair straightening comb, suitable for all hair types, and is perfect for travel, date or at home. This gadget also provides quick heating and styling to your hair on the go.

  1. Hair Clippers - Hair clipper, is a specialised tool used to cut hair. Hair clippers work on the same principle as scissors, but are distinct from scissors themselves. A hair clipper is intended for bulk hair cutting on larger areas, but does not cut the hairs extremely close to the skin. So this is a tool that essentially means to cut long hair. VGR offers a range of hair clippers like VGR V-685 which is a blue coloured hair clipper for men, which gives you a more precise, efficient  and smooth cutting experience. VGR V-126 is a hair clipper with an army-printed design that gives any hair perfect shape and styling. VGR V-128 is a hair clipper for men, especially manufactured to deal with the delicate and silky hair. This trimmer is noiseless and is suitable for both beard and hair.  VGR V-131 is a men’s hair trimmer, which gives you more effective and efficient trim. This clipper is intended for bulk hair cutting on larger areas.  VGR V-165 hair clipper, which uses 4 adjustable guide-combs, and has 150 minutes of continuous runtime. VGR V- 295 is a waterproof hair clipper for men , which is suitable for all hair types. It uses a U-type special blade and 5 cutting guide combs. This clipper is also extremely portable in nature.  VGR V- 299 is a very stylish green coloured  hair clipper intended for men, which is quite perfect for your hair. It has a stainless steel blade, has 100 minutes of continuous runtime and also uses 4 length settings. VGR V- 665 is a men’s hair clipper, specifically created for your delicate hair which always gives you a more efficient and smooth cut and a stylish look.  It has 1800 mAh power lithium battery and 200 minutes of continuous runtime. Finally VGR V-679, is also a men’s hair clipper which is designed for professionals to be mainly  used in high end salons. This clipper can also be used either corded or cordless.

  1. Electric Comb -  Electric comb is also known as a singeing comb, this versatile tool straightens and smooths coarse hair and adds a wave or curl to fine hair depending on the comb you are using. An electric  comb looks like a standard comb, but it is in most cases heavier  and its metal teeth are spaced further apart. VGR offers electric combs like - VGR V-587 which is a professional hair straightener comb, is a cordless smoothening and straightening brush. The ceramic coated iron comb has the ceramic heating technology, which provides quick heating and styling.  VGR V- 416 is an electric hair comb and dryer, is the ideal combination of innovation and style. The dryer can style all types of hair, while the electric hair comb is for the unisex use. VGR V-490 is a hair straightener comb and brush, which efficiently uses PTC heating technology. This is more dependable and long lasting than any conventional hair brush. The hair straightener comb can straighten and curl the hair, while the hair brush reduces the split ends and distributes the heat evenly. Finally  VGR V- 492 is a hot air brush which combines a traditional blow dryer with a curling iron and a hair brush. This gadget produces excellent results and a variety of styling options for all hair types. VGR V-492, leaves the hair feeling smooth, strong and soft. 

Best product from VGR under each category: (for professional use)


  • Automatic Curler (VGR V-583) - This is perhaps the best hair styler aka automatic curler for women, for professional use. This curler is one of the most favourite ones amongst the salon owners and other hair stylists. This particular  hair curler is a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair in order to curl it making a new hairstyle. The material used in the automatic hair curler machine is stainless steel and ABS Plastic. This hair curler is specially designed for automatic hair curling. Long press the power button for two seconds to turn ON or OFF the automatic hair curler. With 170o c default temperature, it takes only  8 seconds to curl your hair, which enables one to curl one’s hair even before an insta reel ends! One can choose different temperature settings between 150-220o C, depending on what style one desires for. This curler is stylish and functional, with a cable that can be rotated 360o without any twist in the cable. The automatic safety shut-off function on this curling iron turns off after around 45 minutes of inactivity. The LCD display shows the temperature options. It is also easy to carry while travelling, and  one  can curl one's  hair on the go.
  • Hair Styler for Straightening Hair (VGR V-506) - This is perhaps the best hair styler in the straightener category for women, for professional use. When rushing through one’s  preparations, fixing one’s hair is the most important thing one wants to do. In addition to taking up valuable time, going to the salon can be expensive. Introducing the VGR collection’s super glam VGR V-506 hair straightener. Don’t waste any time with its quick heating mode. which can style one's  hair in under a minute. The ceramic-coated metal used in the body of the VGR V-506 hair straightener. It transforms one's  hair into a glossy makeover from being boring and uninteresting to stylish! The state of the art technology efficiently distributes heat throughout the ceramic-coated plates. And it is easy to use due to its ergonomic and lightweight design. This  hair straightener is specially designed for hair styling and straightening. 
  • Hair Clipper ( VGR V-685) - This blue coloured transparent hair clipper gives you a look and feel of some futuristic technology in your hand, is the best hair styler for hair cutting purpose, to be used by professionals. VGR V-685 hair clipper is made of premium abs plastic. Its premium stainless-steel blade provides one with a more precise, efficient and smooth cutting experience.  The clipper comes with 4 adjustable guide combs which helps one to adjust the desired  length of the cut varying from 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm. And also one can adjust the clipping length to as low as 0.8mm without using adjustable guide combs which makes it easier for beard trimming as well. The hair clipper for men has a  built-in rechargeable 2500mAh power lithium battery, which provides one with a continuous runtime of about 300 minutes after a full charging of 3 hours. One can easily and quickly charge the hair clipper with the help of a USB type-C cord on the go by connecting it to the power bank, adapters, or laptops. The Informative digital Indicator light displays shows power status, and red light shows that the trimmer’s battery is dead or about to discharge. 
  • Electric hair Comb ( VGR V- 587) - This unisex electric comb is one of the best hair styler in the electric hair comb category. Greenish in colour, this electric hair comb is built for professional use. Its stylish and elegant look makes this electric hair comb a must have hair styler in every salon.The VGR V-587 professional hair straightening comb is a cordless smoothening and straightening brush. This particular electric comb, which is suitable for all hair types and is perfect for travel, date or at home. The ceramic coated iron comb has the upgraded ceramic heating technology, which provides quick heating and styling. This professional electric hair comb is specially designed for hair styling of short hairs but if used skillfully can cater to the long ones as well. The new VGR V-587 professional hair straightener comb has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 4000mAh.This gadget can run for up to 45 minutes, when fully charged. When the hair smoothing brush starts, the starting temperature is 190o C and after heating up, the temperature rises to 210o C. The hair straightener electric comb is portable and can be charged anywhere using a USB Cable by connecting it to the power bank or adapters or laptops. The red flash light pops up when the electric comb is on charging mode.
  • So, this particular blog discusses the definition of hair-stylers, their types, and in the end charts out the  best hair-stylers offered by brand VGR, for the professional use or purpose. 


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