10 Hairstyles Ideas For Indian Brides

10 hairstyles ideas for the Indian brides

Bridal hairstyle justifies as much attention as one’s impeccable makeup choices. Just as a bride’s dress and makeup play an important role in the overall look of the bride, so does her hair. A bride's hair should always look at its best on her special day. Indian hairstylists generally propose the bun hairstyle for the wedding day. This particular hairstyle helps to pin the dupatta on the top of the head and gives the desired height and volume too. However, brides with short hair do not need to worry or lose their  heart. They should be happy with  beachy waves, soft curls and some gorgeous accessories. Indian wedding hairstyles can be very multifaceted, and because we have so many exquisite accessories to choose from for our hair. A bridal hairstyle is much more than setting up one’s  hair in a fancy hairdo and adorning it with flowers. In today’s time, a bride’s hairstyle talks about her nature and reverberates with her personality as well. So, always select what echoes your styles and matches with the mood of the incident.

To  ensure that your bridal hairstyle perfectly compliments your wedding looks, here we bring to you 10+ latest bridal hairstyle ideas  that are sure to win you a lot of accolades:

Modern Bridal Bun With Minimal Hair Adornments- This bridal hairstyle is specially for the brides who love modern styling with a tinge of tradition. These are perfect for both, straight hair and curly hair beauties. They are best to beat the scorching summer heat too. Oh! Now you must be wondering if this hairstyle is certainly good for me and matches with my style but how do I do it? Shall I go to the salon for this? Or hire a professional hair stylist? Then let me tell you that this can be achieved by using a good quality professional hair straightener. And if you are worried about buying a professional hair straightener? VGR official have some of the best professional hair stylers which will make your job easier. And no! Not only that. With the help of these tools you can achieve this hairstyle at your home with much ease. Also, as VGR is a value for money brand so you are going to save a lot on hair styling expenses. One such product that can be of great use in achieving this hair style  is VGR V-522 hair straightener. 

Gorgeous Gota Patti Ribbon Bun - This particular hairdo is all about fun and is super debonair too. This style is non floral in nature and is always adorned by most of  the brides. This hairstyle is one of the most favored one amongst all the to-be brides, and it usually takes a few minutes only to get this style done. Now, if you are wondering how to achieve this particular hairstyle without much of a fuss, at your homes only, then you must explore the VGR official website and choose from a plethora of hair straighteners from there. According to my view, you should use the VGR V-566 hair straightener to achieve this particular hair poise. More so since VGR  is very much a budget brand, so you are going to save a lot on your hairstyling expenses. 

A full bloom bun- Gajras on buns are most conventional, but trying different flowers is also a great idea. Roses, red or of any color, add charm to an already simple bun. In fact, not just roses, one  could also consider other flowers like jasmine, lilies etc. You won’t just look pretty, you’ll smell great too. This particular hairstyle suits girls with different personas, and it usually takes about 10-15 minutes of time to get this hairdo done. Now, this hairdo can be achieved by using any of the good quality hair straighteners available in the market, but more easily and in less time by using our very own VGR products. In my view, both VGR V-566 and VGR V-506 straighteners can help you achieve this stance at your homes only, without the need for any professional help from outside.

Orchids - It is ideal for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. A bun with curls and blue lilies contrasting with the dupatta looks quite dashing and happening. It is one of the most common hairstyles for all the Indian brides. To perfect this kind of hairstyle, it usually takes a few minutes of time, and is suitable for girls having a longish or a squarish face type. There are indeed a plethora of good quality hair curlers in the Indian market, which can help you to get this hairdo, without much of a difficulty. But if we talk about a curler which can help you  achieve this particular hairstyle at your homes, without any professional help from any hairstylists, then perhaps VGR V-583 hair curler can help in achieving  this particular look, with much ease.

Voluminous buns with refined floral additions - This bun is unlike the regular buns, with interesting twists and turns to it. Classic peach roses and baby breaths on a bulky  bun and thin tendrils of hair on both sides adds a layer of class to an already beautiful wedding hairstyle. This style can be perfected within 20-25 minutes of your time. Generally, preferred by girls having a rounded face type. According to me, VGR V-596 hair curling wand can be quite useful to achieve this hairdo, though this can also  be achieved with the help of any curling wand of any other good brand available in the market but VGR V-596 is the best.

A clean bun with a decorated  clip in the center - Augment your bun with a hair brooch for an elegant and classic Indian bridal hairstyle. This type of hair accessory looks very delicate and stylish and doesn’t give the hair an unfinished look. This hairstyle can be achieved easily at home by sparing some time. This style is mainly suitable for girls having a longish kind of a face. In my view, by using the VGR V-566 straightener, you can achieve this desired hairdo at your home itself, without any help from the professional hair stylists.

Wispy ringlets hairstyle (with wreath)- This type of hairstyle is perfect for a sangeet or cocktail function or for that matter, any type of pre-wedding ceremony.  In place of having a tight and conventional bun, you can easily get this type of hairdo by pinning one’s hair together in wispy ringlets. Adorn it with a few flowers or even a garland. To achieve this hairdo, it takes a few minutes longer than creating any type of a bun hairstyle. This hairstyle can also be perfected by using any good quality hair straightener that is available in the market, but more so with the help of VGR V-566 straightener, at your home, and this particular hair poise looks cool and trendy on  girls having all types of face cut.

Side-swept bun - In this style, it is usually devoid of any of the accessories. Simply one uses the hair extensions and puffs and beautifies one’s bun by braiding and curling at the correct places. This particular style is exemplary for the brides who have short hair, and can be perfected in a few minutes only, at your very homes with little to no professional help.  Using the VGR V-522 straightener, at salons or at your house, can help you achieve this hairstyle  quite easily.

Top-knot buns - In this style, a high puff is made in front of one’s hair which is further made into a high bun. In this case, one can also use a “maang tikka” if one wants to. Generally no other decorations are required. Ideal for girls,  having long as well as medium tresses, but not for short haired girls at all.  Using the VGR V-583 hair curler can serve our  purpose to achieve this hairstyle within a few minutes, at our homes only, without any external help from the salon owners.

Luscious curls - This style is absolutely suited for the girls with frizzy and curly hair, as they are advised not to straighten their  hair for the day and keep it real. These curls look extremely beautiful, when perfectly done and generally look great on girls having long tresses and any type of  a face cut, be it round, squarish or any other. This hair poise is not at all easy to achieve, specially at our homes, but using the  either VGR V-583 or V-596 hair curlers can solve your purpose to a larger extent, and thus  helps in  achieving this hairstyle quotient, without any tedious or time consuming efforts.

So, this blog explores the top 10 or the best hairstyle ideas for the Indian  brides, in this wedding season, and how using the particular VGR tools can help one achieve the same without much of a fuss!

Alright, these are the 10 best hair-styles that can be easily achieved at home with little to zero help of a professional hairstylist. While this contains few of the most trendy hair style brides can have on their special day, this is not a conclusive list. Also, you are free to experiment with these hairstyles and come up with a new idea to do your hair that suits your style and matches with your personality. And yes, if this seems too much to do at home you can hire a professional for the same. After all, it's one of the best days of your life. You wouldn’t want it to be spoiled for any reason. VGROfficial can help you with the best of tools but what suits your mood must be decided by you and we are always there  with you.

All the best! Happy Wedding! 




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