VGR V-228 : The Royal Look Hair Trimmer

VGR V-228, a trimmer for men, is an  elegant and sophisticated hair trimmer. This trimmer is ergonomically designed which can maximize the overall efficiency of the device. This trimmer has a T-blade, which is made up of high-quality stainless steel, which provides you with a more effective, efficient and smooth trim and cut. The trimmer has a premium metal body, which gives it an aristocratic and royal look , when held in our hands.   With the use of combs provided in the box (3 one each 1mm, 2mm, 3mm) you can easily adjust the size of the trim which gives you perfect, sharp and stylish beard and hair looks. Without guide combs this hair trimmer provides 0.5mm cut and trim which is perfect for people who neither like clean shaven nor goes with heavy stubble. This particular hair trimmer for men, can be used both for the professional as well as personal use. It is a perfect gadget, which can be used without much of a fuss, by both the barbers, as well as by some novice at their homes, in order to both trim and style their beard and also the head hair. VGR V-228 comes with the following accessories which makes this a complete package for a person who is looking to buy a premium quality hair trimmer on a budget.

VGR V-228 Hair Trimmer Accessories 


  • Precision blades
  • Protection Cap
  • 3 Cutting guide combs (1/2/3mm)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oil
  • USB charging cable


 Technical Features of VGR V-228 trimmer


This professional VGR V-228 hair trimmer for men comes with a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh Lithium battery, which gives a continuous operation of about 180 minutes after a full-charging of around  2 hours. The hair trimmer machine  is completely handy to carry and can be charged anywhere and anytime with the help of USB Charging Cable. Also you can charge this hair trimmer by connecting it with a power bank, adapters or the computer which makes it portable travel friendly. After using the trimmer, it  is advised to clean and oil it using the cleaning brush and oil that are included in the package. This practice keeps the trimmer in good condition for a longer period of time. Good maintenance increases longevity and trimmer performs better. The trimmer operates on a power supply of 5V—1 A. Also this VGR trimmer comes with a Digital display, which shows the power status in terms of battery percentage left, and a LED indicator is also there which blinks red if the trimmer is discharging and turns green once its fully charged. 

Benefits of VGR V-228 Hair trimmer


1500mAh Lithium battery- The device can operate continuously for about 3 hours, after a full charging of around 2 hours, because of this powerful battery. Which easily lasts a day for professional salon users and can last for more than a month if used for personally giving you 10 to 20 trims per charge depending on the uses type.


Precision blade- VGR V-228 comes with a stainless steel T-type precision blade which is self sharpening. It gives you more effective, efficient and smooth trim and cut, without getting any bruises or cuts. Stainless steel material of the blades ensures that it never corrodes.


LED display- The LED display shows remaining battery power in percentage terms.  Also, there’s one led indicator besides it which blinks red when battery percentage drops to low levels. Once you start charging it the blinking stops. And when the trimmer is fully charged, the small indicator turns into green light signaling full charge.


USB charging cable- The USB charging plug ensures that you can find the charging source conveniently, whether at home or on the travel. This makes the trimmer completely handy to carry, and can be charged anywhere with the USB cable even with the power bank or your laptop.


Protection Cap- There’s a protection cap in the box which helps protect the blades against the unusual wear n tear which might occur due to mishandling while not in use.


Cutting guide(1/2/3 mm)- With these three length adjustable cutting guides, you can easily get a perfect, sharp and stylish beard and hair looks.

Pricing of VGR V-228 trimmer


The pricing of this trimmer is as set, which makes the product extremely affordable in nature and highly competitive too. Regarding this particular product, it is positioned in the mid-range price point. There are quite a few trimmers in the market, which are above this price point, while only a few ones whose price is lesser than that of VGR V-228 trimmer given the quality of the product. If we now compare our product with those having lesser price range, then our trimmer offers much  better quality, durability and also better design. On the other hand, if we tend to compare it with the  trimmers having higher price range, then perhaps our product offers similar stylish looks, and also almost identical  features  at a much cheaper price. 


Safety Warnings


This appliance may be used by children of more than 8 years of age, persons with physical, sensory or mental capabilities or inexperienced persons only if they have been previously trained in using it in a safe manner, and have been informed of the dangers the product can cause. Children must not play with the appliance. They also should not clean or carry out any maintenance of the appliance without  adult supervision. 

How to use VGR V-228 trimmer


  • This gadget can be used without much difficulty by both professionals and the novice alike
  • By using the 3 cutting guides provided, you can adjust the length of the trim up to a maximum of 3mm (with the guide comb inserted).
  • The gadget must always be turned off when inserting or removing a cutting guide. 
  • Properly align the limit comb with the blade edge.
  • Slightly forward push to mount it. Disassemble the limit comb: Just pull hard the limit comb.

Cleaning and Maintenance of VGR V-228 trimmer


  • Before starting cleaning the appliance, always switch it off and unplug it.
  • Clean the unit with a damp and soft cloth.
  • Never use detergents and solvents to clean the appliance.
  • Use the cleaning brush to clean the body of the device, in order to remove any hair from the cutting blade.
  • It is recommended to clean and oil the appliance often
  • Fit the protective cap after every use; keep the device only with the fitted protective cap.



The device must not be disposed of together with municipal waste at the end of its life, but in compliance with European Directive 2012/19/EC.

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