VOSAH (Voice of Stray Animals- Hapur)


Voice Of Stray Animals Hapur Foundation (VOSAH), is a Private incorporated on 15 February 2022. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kanpur. VOSAH is an NGO for animal welfare, that caters to the ill and injured animals. They also conduct a lot of drives and projects for neutering, vaccinating the animals, providing them with other health facilities, and conducting adoption drives.



There are so many homeless and abandoned animals that roam the streets of HAPUR. Being one of the cities in the country with lots of vehicles and subsequent traffic at all times, innocent animals often become the victims of rash driving and speeding cars. It’s important to bear in mind that most animal rescue organizations and hospitals are understaffed, and have limited resources. So, NGOs like VOSAH comes to the rescue of such animals, especially the injured stray dogs on the by lanes of Hapur and around.

Collaboration  Between Brand VGR and VOSAH Foundation 


VGR  is a leading brand of Personal Care Electrical Goods (PCEG), and  has a presence that is truly global in nature.  VGR also enjoys a cardinal standing amongst a varied range of personal care grooming tools  having product lines  like- trimmers, clippers, curlers, straighteners, grooming kits and  much more.

This year, VGROfficial.in collaborated with the VOSAH, to further  help them in their greatest cause. It so happens, that for every purchase of any of the VGR personal grooming products, Rs 2 is donated to VOSAH Foundation, which they tend to utilize for serving and taking care of the injured stray dogs on the streets and the by lanes of Hapur (Uttar- Pradesh). This is perhaps one of the most noble social causes that VGROfficial has been associated with in recent times, by partnering with VOSAH Foundation. With this collaboration VGR Official is trying to create awareness among the people about the consequences of rash driving in every nook and corner of our country. At the same time we want them to be considerate about the lives of the stray pets. Apart from  this, there is always an option in VOSAH, for the general public to donate as much money as they want, to help the accidental street dogs of Hapur and the surrounding areas. 

Moreover, VOSAH also takes care to feed these underprivileged dogs two square meals everyday, without fail by utilizing the money that has been donated by the masses, and also from VGR Official products. 

 An Appeal

In the end, we would like to appeal to the general public and specially the pet lovers to buy more and more products from VGRofficial.in so that we are able to donate more money for this noble cause and in turn can help VOSAH  to save and treat more pets. 



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