VGR V-323 Electric Shaver For Men

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🔺600mAh Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery which provides 60 minutes runtime.
🔺The Smart DIGITAL DISPLAY Informs You About The Remaining Battery And Oil Filling.
🔺REMOVAL HEAD So Always Clean After Use For Longevity Of Shaver Life.
🔺With IPX 6 WATER RESISTANCE, You Can Now Shave While In The Shower.
🔺Special Designed TRIPLE ROTARY Stainless Steel Blade To Provide More Clean Shave.

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Color: Silver

Included In The Box

USB Charging Cable

Cleaning Brush

Triple Rotary Blade Protection Cap

User Manual Book


Operating Time In Minutes


Charging Time In Hours

Fully Adjustable Rotary Blade

Product specification

The VGR V-323 beard shaver for men is constructed keeping in mind the delicate care for your skin. The electric shaver comes with a triple rotary head. The Triple Rotary Shaving heads deliver a smooth and close shave every time by automatically adapting to the features of the face, neck, and even the jaw. After a quick charge of 1.5 hours, it enables for 60 minutes of continuous use. You can charge it by connecting it to the USB Charging Cable. Both the usage time and the remaining time can be seen on the smart LED digital display. With the shaving cream or gel and this electric razor’s IPX6 Waterproof feature, you may have a relaxing dry shave or a refreshing wet shave in the shower.

Men’s electric shavers are simple to clean and maintain because you can simply rinse them under the running water. Use the cleaning brush to clean the appliance once you’ve finished using it to get rid of any hair that may have gotten inside the cutting blade. It is advisable to clean and oil the appliance to ensure a long-lasting and effective performance. The cleaning brush can be used to remove hair from the cutting blade.

VGR V-323 Electric Shaver For Men
VGR V-323 Electric Shaver For Men Sale priceRs. 1,339.00 Regular priceRs. 2,435.00


LED Display

1. Power Status
2. Charging Status
3. Cleaning Status
4. Speedo Meter
5. Lock/Unlock Status

Operating Time


Charging Time


Other Accessories

1. Cleaning Brush
2. Blade Protection Cap
3. Travel Pouch

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