VGR V-492 Hot Air Brush For Women, Black

🔺Overheating Protection: To maintain the moisture of hair Protection from Overheat.
🔺3 In 1 Performance: Do best version of your style with 3 In 1 Hot Air Brush,
🔺Anti-scald design - Use more safety, Soft smooth comb for large paddle design with massage ball
🔺Matte Finish ABS Body: Premium over heat protective body with eye catchy ergonomic Design.

VGR V-492 Hot Air Brush 

VGR V-492 2 hot air brush combines a traditional blow dryer with a curling iron and hairbrush. this VGR V-492 produces excellent results and a variety of styling options for all hair types. It is possible to blow-dry hair while curling it at the same time. The hot air comb’s release of negative ions can nourish hair. This also increases moisture levels and lessens hair damage. Our VGR V-492 leaves hair feeling smooth, strong, and soft. Choosing the preferred temperature is necessary. When using a hot air brush to add curls and waves, dry the hair almost fully in the warmest setting. Warm Your Hair completely before completing the styling on the lower level.

This VGR-V-492 product has a long wire and the brush head is smooth to comb hair and best for use at home. It also has a year of warranty which is very long compared to other products of other brands. Never direct heat on a single area for a long period of time to prevent over-drying. Continue moving the hot air style VGR V-492 as your style as well. You don’t have to worry about the cord being tangled or broken because of the hair dryer brush’s 1.8-meter-long, 360-degree swivel. The power cord allows for effortless style and flexibility.

Maintenance and Care Guidelines:

For the longer  life of the appliance there are few points to keep in mind. After every use of VGR V-492 clean and lubricant if required. Below are the few do’s and don’ts for a proper care of this hot air brush:


  • Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth.
  • Keep the hair comb free from dirt.
  • Clean before and after use for the best experience.
  • Reach the support team in case the device doesn’t function  properly.
  • Dispose of the appliance in compliance with the European Directive 2002/96/EC.


  • Dip the unit into the water.
  • Use solvents and detergents for cleaning.  
  • Try to repair the unit by yourself, your warranty will lapse.
  • Allow your children to use it without adult supervision, it might hurt them.

Short View

360 Swivel Cord

Position Option

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User Manual Book

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Customer Reviews

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The sleek black design not only looks stylish but also adds a touch of sophistication to my styling tools collection.


It has become a reliable companion for achieving a professional finish without the need for multiple styling tools.


The black design has a eye cathing power 😉😉

kunika sain

Nice 🤗🤗


Good 😍😍