VGR V-106 Men's Grooming Kit, Gold

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🔺Special Bold Design With Premium Metallic Body with 1 Year Warranty.
🔺Use For Whole Body Grooming Because Of 5 In 1 Detachable Precision Heads.
🔺The smart DIGITAL DISPLAY informs you about the remaining battery and oil filling.
🔺Hassle Free Charge Anytime Anywhere With Help Of USB Charging Cable.

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VGR V-106 Grooming Kit For Men

VGR offers three great personal grooming kits for the man of today. One of them is VGR V-106. This grooming kit has a precision blade, made up of premium stainless steel. It has a LED display which shows the charging percentage status. It has also 2 types of cutting guide combs- One for the entire unit, and one for the hair clipper in particular. The unit contains other components like the cleaning brush, it is primarily used for cleaning the blades.

The 6-important components of this 6 in one grooming kit are- hair clipper- which can be used for trimming of long beard and hair. The design trimmer- used mainly for getting the designer trim and making the grooves. Next is nose and ear trimmer can help you get rid of unwanted long hairs of your nose & ear. There is one precision trimmer-which is used for precision or specialized trimming purposes. It can give your grooming a final touch.

This VGR V-106 also has a body trimmer- which is used for trimming the unwanted body hair. And the last is a shaver- which can be used for a quick shaving of the beard and an USB cable- primarily used for charging the unit and also oil for the lubrication purpose. In short 6 in 1 grooming kit has all kinds of blades a man needs for grooming purposes. So what are you waiting for? Just click the buy button now and redefine your beauty.

Maintenance and Care Guidelines:
For the longer life of the grooming kit below are a few points to keep in mind.


  • Before you start using, clean the kits thoroughly.
  • Always switch it off after use.
  • Clean the unit with the brush given inside the box.
  • In order to grant a long and good performance to the appliance, it is advisable to remove hair from blades using the cleaning brush, put 2-3 oil drops and allow the machine to run for several seconds so that the unit can lubricate properly.
  • Reach the support team in case the device doesn’t function properly.
  • Dispose off the appliance in compliance with the European Directive only.


  • Dip the unit into the water.
  • Try to repair the unit by yourself, your warranty will lapse.
  • Allow your children to use it without adult supervision, it might hurt them.

Included In The Box

VGR, VGRindia, VGRofficial

User Manual Book




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