VGR V-490 Hot Air Brush For Women, Black

🔺3 In 1 Performance: Do best version of your style with 3 In 1 Hot Air Brush,
🔺Anti-scald design - Use more safety, Soft smooth comb for large paddle design with massage ball
🔺Overheating Protection: To maintain the moisture of hair Protection from Overheat.
🔺Matte Finish ABS Body: Premium over heat protective body with eye catchy ergonomic Design.

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VGR V-490 Hot Air Brush

The VGR V-490 hot air brush & Brush efficiently uses PTC heating technology. This is more dependable and long-lasting than conventional hair brushes. You will be getting 2-2 benefits in 1 product. This is the best VGR V-490 hair straightener comb that can straighten and curl the hair. People have a lot of ways to put their questions. I would like to say that the VGR V-490 hair straightening brush reduces split ends while distributing heat evenly. Therefore nothing to worry use the VGR V-490 hair straightener without any worry. In order to keep your hair straight for more prolonged, spritz on a moisturizing spray after pulling your hair for a more flawless finish. When it is about thick hair, the VGR V-490 hair straightening brush can swiftly straighten thick hair.

This VGR V-490 hair straightening has three power switches available. Position 0 is for power OFF, Position 1 is for hair straightener comb function. Position 2 is for Hot Air Brush Function and Position 3 is for both parts. We also call it a Hot straightener comb and hot air brush. The LED Indicator light shows the Power ON/OFF of the hair straightener comb and brush. Do clean the inlets to prevent blockages that may cause overheating. You can hang the appliance by its hanging loop.

Maintenance and Care Guidelines:

For the longer  life of the appliance there are few points to keep in mind. After every use of VGR V-490 clean and lubricant if required. Below are the few do’s and don’ts for a proper care of this hot air brush:


  • Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth.
  • Keep the hair comb free from dirt.
  • Clean before and after use for the best experience.
  • Reach the support team in case the device doesn’t function  properly.
  • Dispose of the appliance in compliance with the European Directive 2002/96/EC.


  • Dip the unit into the water.
  • Use solvents and detergents for cleaning.  
  • Try to repair the unit by yourself, your warranty will lapse.
  • Allow your children to use it without adult supervision, it might hurt them.

Short View

360 Swivel Cord

Position Option

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