VGR V-595 3 Barrel Hair Curler For Women, Green

🔺3 Barrel Wand: To make a professional curling hair with ease.
🔺Uniform Heat Technology: Protect hair from harm and provide more effective performance.
🔺Easy ON/OFF switch with temperature setting. Power Supply: 110-240V~50/60Hz

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VGR V-595 Hair Curling Iron

This VGR V-595 hair curling iron has three barrels. It features three tubes that can all be heated at the same time. This also reduces the usage time and simplifies the operating steps. For any beauty, our three-barrel hair curling irons or curling wands can produce thick, natural ‘S’ waves in the hair. Ionic technology for the healthiest, longest-looking waves of hair possible.

This hair curler is different from other hair curlers because it won’t always curl your hair frizz-free. The brand-new ceramic covering ensures that frizz is controlled while still being safe and unharmed. The LED Indicator will light up once you turn ON the curling iron. The curling iron has a Cool touch tip to prevent hand burns while curling hair. This hair curling iron is specially designed for women’s hair and for stylish hair curl. It is highly recommended to you don’t use this VGR curling iron if this iron wet or moist. Because its can be harmful for your self and always clean your iron before and after use.

Maintenance and Care Guidelines:

For the longer  life of the appliance there are few points to keep in mind. After every use of VGR V-595 clean and lubricant if required. Below are the few do’s and don’ts for a proper care of this hair curler:


  • Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth.
  • Keep the curler free from dirt.
  • Clean before and after use for the best experience.
  • Reach the support team in case the device doesn’t function  properly.
  • Dispose of the appliance in compliance with the European Directive 2002/96/EC.


  • Dip the unit into the water.
  • Use solvents and detergents for cleaning.  
  • Try to repair the unit by yourself, your warranty will lapse.
  • Allow your children to use it without adult supervision, it might hurt them.

Short View

360 Swivel Cord

Temperature Setting

User Manual Book

Hair Curling Styles

Low Temperature

ON & OFF Position

High Temperature

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Megha Lachhwani

Not satisfied


good product ❤️❤️


😎😎😎mast h

surbhi jyoti

The adjustable temperature settings also make it versatile, allowing me to customize the heat based on my hair type and the style I want to achieve.