VGR V-408 Hair Straightener Grooming Kit, Grey

🔺4 In 1 Grooming Kit: Easy straighten, curling, and drying - all in one.
🔺Innovative design: The grooming has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.
🔺Easy maintenance: The grooming kit is easy to clean and maintain, with detachable heads.
🔺Uniform Heat Technology: Protect hair from harm and provide more effective performance.

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VGR V-408 Hair Styler Kit 

The VGR V-408 hair styler kit is specially designed for hair styling. With four different attachment heads and functions is the ideal tool for hair drying, curling, straightening, and volumizing. The VGR hair styler kit comes with 4 attachment heads in this grooming kit. The first attachment is a curler comb for precise drying and styling, the second is a soft smooth comb for smoothing and straightening your hair, the third is a hollow comb for smoothing and making hair shinier while reducing frizz, and the fourth is the concentration for focused airflow and straight styles.

This VGR professional hair styler kit is known as the best grooming kit for girls. You can easily use these brushes to roll your hair so that it is in a circular position and you may also add curls to it while it is being dried and curled. To avoid blockages that could lead to overheating, it is recommended to clean the air inlets and outlets.

Maintenance and Care Guidelines:

For the longer  life of the appliance there are few points to keep in mind. After every use of VGR V-408 clean and lubricant if required. Below are the few do’s and don’ts for a proper care of this grooming Kit:


  • Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth.
  • Keep the grooming kit free from dirt.
  • Clean before and after use for the best experience.
  • Reach the support team in case the device doesn’t function  properly.
  • Dispose of the appliance in compliance with the European Directive 2002/96/EC.


  • Dip the unit into the water.
  • Use solvents and detergents for cleaning.  
  • Try to repair the unit by yourself, your warranty will lapse.
  • Allow your children to use it without adult supervision, it might hurt them.

Included In The Box

User Manual Book

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I like it 😘😘




nice product


the VGR V-408 Hair Straightener Grooming Kit in Grey has exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and design.